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This is the fascinating true story of a 19 year-old intern who had an 18 month secret affair with President Kennedy. Mimi Alford arrived at the White House in 1961, a bright dutiful girl from a well- to-do conventional family, her virginity and innocence intact. Within 4 days she was in bed with the President. This was a calculated seduction by a skillful and charismatic manipulator who was used to getting his own way. Mimi felt overwhelmed but flattered. The aphrodisiac of power proved irresistible. He was charming and playful with her, but there was no romance or love. He never kissed her and she never called him anything but Mr. President. She was at his disposal and spent a lot of time just waiting. There was a darker side. He administered an amyl-nitrate pill at a party, watched her give oral sex to his assistant and arranged an illegal abortion when she thought she was pregnant. Mimi had no moral qualms until she met her future husband. Kennedy backed off when she got engaged. The …


As a couples and sex therapist with over 25 years experience I have heard some fascinating stories about the many sexual difficulties that pre-occupy people.
There was the cross-dressing hairdresser who was turned on by the salon dryersThe sex addict who was juggling 4 relationships plus his one-night standsThe rape victim with post-traumatic stress who came out as a lesbianThe 30 year-old virgin who was physically unable to have sex
But by far the most common problem is loss of desire. Desire is complex and mysterious. Is it a thought? A feeling? A sensation? An instinct? All that and more. Desire involves communication and feedback between mind and body, all our senses come into play and connect with the brain.
Unfortunately desire can be affected by events such as illness, stress, work and family problems, to name but a few. More complicated are feelings such as anger and anxiety, guilt and shame. Some people are too busy to make time for sex. Others have unrealist…


In these hard financial times you don't have to take your beloved to an expensive restaurant or for a weekend away.
Why not celebrate at home? Buy some really good food and wine or order a posh home-delivery meal. Light many candles, not just 2 or 3. Take a bath or a shower together. Buy her or him your favourite scent with matching body lotion for a mutual massage. Change the sheets and towels. Sprinkle some rose petals on the pillows, add a couple of classy chocolates. Make a romantic playlist from your iPod, download "Casablanca".
Most important of all share your intimate thoughts and feelings and give each other lots of warm hugs.


The Prime Minister's weekly audience with the Queen has been compared to psychotherapy. What an intriguing thought.