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What made you decide to become a psychotherapist?
A close friend of mine had to leave her partner in dramatic circumstances and go to a secret address. I saw them both separately a couple of times and said to her “I don’t really know what I am doing”. She replied “Go and get some training, you’ll be really good at it”. So I applied to London Marriage Guidance which was part of Relate at the time. That was over 25 years ago. I still have doubts about psychotherapy.
What gives your life purpose?
Trying to make each day meaningful because it may be my last.
What is your earliest memory?
Learning to thread and tie a bow on a piece of cardboard at my nursery school. It gave me a sense of achievement. I realised I had the power to change one thing into another.
What are you passionate about?
People, friendship, good literature and art, rhythm and blues, London, Paris, sunshine, delicious food, the sea, dramatic landscapes, colour.
Do you always tell the truth?
No, of course not, does anyone?
What has…


On December 31st I took my car off the road, got a SORN, cancelled the insurance and parking permit and joined a car club. The idea was to save some money. My first outing was less than ideal. I had a choice of 3 cars within walking distance, all of them large 5 door VWs. I own a small tatty Renault Clio with 2 ½ doors (small boot). My chosen car was parked off the pavement facing a brick wall and it was dark. I struggled to find reverse gear, panicking somewhat as the car kept inching forward towards the wall. Full insurance is included in the price but the driver is responsible for the first £750 damage. The inside of the car was full of electronic touch switches. As I adjusted the rear view mirror 2 lights came on. I never did figure out how to turn them off other than running my fingers over the general area above the mirror. Nor could I adjust the seat despite various knobs and levers. So I set off in some discomfort. Then there is the problem of returning the car on time because t…