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How would you define pornography? Hard porn? Soft porn? Eroticism? The difference between nasty and sexy?
We are now able to access totally explicit images on the internet that cover every possible way to have sex, including illegal acts such as rape, sex with children or with animals. You will find sexual acts of violence involving sadomasochism, bondage, beating with whips and chains, the vaginal and anal use of dildos and other objects, rough sex in any orifice and even the use of urine and faeces as a sexual turn-on.
You can see 2 men penetrating a woman anally and vaginally while she sucks off a third man, or 2 women finger-fucking each other and giving a man oral sex, or any combination of the above and then more. Maybe you just want to watch 2 people having sex, or a man coming all over her face or in her mouth. .  The women have big breasts, pouty lips, no pubic hair and loudly fake enjoyment, pleasure and noisy orgasms while they service men who are always erect. There are no t…