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Tantric sex celebrates the exchange of energy through union of mind and body.
By intensifying and enhancing awareness, bringing our attention to the here and now and with conscious meditation, we find harmony and transcendental consciousness through sexual union.
With shared enlightenment and bliss we surrender to ecstasy and touch the sublime. We find a sacred and spiritual connection to the cosmos through the divine and ecstatic sexual union between the god Shiva and the goddess Shakti.
Sex is slow and sensual, prolonging pleasure and witholding ejaculation, as semen is a precious and sacred life force not to be wasted. With synchronised breathing and shared mindfulness we can also pay attention to the 5 senses.
Find a calm and intimate private space. Light candles and incense, play soft music Start by slowly washing each other Give each other an all -over gentle massage with perfumed oil Sitting facing legs wrapped around each other Ask for what you want, give what your partner wants Experim…


The ancient Chinese take on sex is both practical and spiritual. Sexual union brings harmony of Yin (female) and Yang (male). Their imagery is about hills and valleys (female) and guns and cannons (male), fire (female) and water (male). “Bring the water to the boil by keeping the fire burning.” “Make love not war.”
They believed that ejaculation brings loss of energy, so men should retain their semen. Because of women’s superior sexual power, men need to absorb her orgasmic energy in order to find shared sexual essence and ecstasy.
Proper skills are necessary to make the best use of this essence.
The 5 signs that a woman is ready for sex are
1.Her face reddens 2.Her nipples harden 3.Her throat goes dry 4.Her vagina opens 5.She lubricates copiously
The 5 desires are
1.Intent (rapid breathing and pulse) 2.Awareness (genital stimulation) 3.Lubrication (intercourse) 4.Orgasm 5.Bliss
The 4 positions are
1.Man on top (classic missionary) 2.Woman on top ( often best for women)


Channel 4’s Sex Box on Monday managed to be both boring and prurient . The big wooden cabin into which the couples disappeared was like a firework that didn’t go off – it might as well have been a radio show. It’s not as if Channel 4 hasn’t featured live sex before – a reality show  a few years ago showed couples having sex albeit through a Vaseline-smeared lens  Despite the fact that Mariella is half-Norwegian and of the  “sexperts” Tracey Cox grew up in Australia and Dan Savage is American, it all seemed very British. None of the discussion went into the effects of porn on sex and society. The documentary by ex- Loaded editor Martin Daubney, however, was very good on this subject. There’s a real conversation to be had about porn that is not just about press freedom. In the absence of better provision in schools it is becoming a formative part of sex education and we’re seeing depressing trends in sexting and boys getting girls to perform sex acts they’ve seen online, while…


Last night I went to the launch of a women's club. The theme was Sluts. I listened to several young women in their 30s talking about feminism, sex and sexuality. It's as though the 60s never happened. Where is their confidence? Their self-esteem? Their courage? I found it dispiriting that they are still worrying about the same issues I had hoped were dealt with 40 years ago. Where did it all go wrong? I took the mike to tell them how it was, the changes we made and that we must keep it going with the belief that we value our sexuality and we are entitled to our equal place in the world. Although of course in the real world the issues are about schooling for Afghani girls, sex trafficking, habitual rape and putting an end to female genital mutilation for a start, not whether we are sluts or not. Here in our cosy Western world we are spoilt, privileged and pampered. We should be thankful.