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Does your relationship feel stale? Don't be lazy, pay attention!
 Here are 10 warning signs:

1) You don't go out together anymore

2) You'd rather be online than watch TV together

3) You go to bed at different times

4) You roll over in bed instead of having a hug

5) You don't text each other from work

6) You don't ask each other about your day

7) You don't share meals

8) You don't tidy up the house

9) You don't bother about your appearance

10) You don't talk about future plans


I recently saw a fascinating and thought-provoking play set in America at the end of the 19th century, about the invention and application of the electric vibrator. This was prescribed to women suffering from “hysteria” and produced “paroxysms” which “cured” them. Parallel to this astonishing “treatment” was the suppression of female sexuality and a total mind/body split.
The doctors who administered the treatment were of course middle-class males who would be shocked by any libidinous behaviour or sexual response in their upright (and uptight) wives. Sex in the bedroom was hidden under a heavy cloud of ignorance, inhibition and silence, while orgasms were being produced in the consulting room in the name of science.
This was a purely medical matter. Applying the vibrator for pleasure (with or without one’s partner) was unthinkable. Or was it? The hypocrisy around this activity was never acknowledged at the time. Indeed the whole issue of sexuality being at the heart of our lives was not…


What is it with young men and commitment? Why are so many women being let down in their relationships? In the old days men and women expected to be settled by the time they were 30. Now 30 is the new teenage, especially for the boys. They are just not motivated to be grown-ups , all that responsibility, who needs it? “Let’s just drift along” seems to be their philosophy. Are they merely selfish and lazy or are they plain scared? Of what exactly? Women are now outshining men in terms of academic and professional achievement but an Alpha woman doesn’t really want a Beta male. Where are the Alpha males? They seem to have given up. Step up to the mark guys, we need you!
You have been dating for a few months and spending nights together. Things are pretty good. You start wondering “where this is going?” but how do you approach this tricky question? Why not leave a toothbrush and fresh underwear at the other one’s home. If that works out you can suggest saving on rent and living expenses by …