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Whose side are you on? Where does your loyalty lie? It's not easy or clear cut. You are going to upset someone however fair you try to be. You may be the peacemaker, but in the heat of the moment they are still at war. Step back, keep calm, don't hold secrets, be honest and open. Whatever you do someone will be angry with you. You can't please everyone. Hopefully time will help, meanwhile everyone is trying to find their place in a fractured family. Major events will have to be faced with dignity. You may have to bite your tongue. Are there new partners to deal with? This is where it really gets hard. They come into the family as brand new elements with no real knowledge of past history, no true understanding of what has really led to the break-up. Being a step-relative is difficult for everyone concerned. They are the focus of blame and anger, bitterness and resentment. They can never get it right and will not easily be forgiven. From nuclear family to blended family tak…