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Carol Martin-Sperry’s is an experienced counsellor
and psychosexual therapist and has been
working with couples and individuals for over thirty
years. Reading her latest book, it becomes clear that
a couple’s parents and family are in the bedroom
with them. This rather alarming concept
will become clear in these true
stories from the therapist’s
In a lucid and insightful
introduction “Sex Love and
Therapy” she explains that “The
brain is our most important
sexual organ”. This is not a ‘how
to’ sex manual but an exploration
of the psychology behind sexual
problems that are invariably a
reflection of how two people relate
as a result of their own unique
histories and traumas.
As the author says: “As a
psychotherapist working with couples,
I knew that sex was a vital element in
every relationship, present even by its
As a society where sexuality is more out in
the open, we can be bombarded by sexual imagery,
and there seems to be more conflict and uncertainty
in sexual …