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We flew over the Western Sahara which is about the size of the UK. Empty empty empty. Nothing, not a thing. No trees, no oases, no buildings, no life. Endless bleak sand, sometimes a cluster of rocks.  Heat haze over the dunes as we go further south making it weirdly invisible. Spooky. I have never seen anything like it.

At dusk the light from the setting sun shines across the vast ocean, spectacular cumulus clouds towering over pools of pink, a prism over the horizon producing a blob of rainbow for a few seconds. While others sleep I am glued to the window of the plane. At 38 000 feet I feel small and insignificant with the world stretched out beneath me.

It is dark as we finally reach land. We circle round the lights of Rio and I see it from the sky, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, palely illuminated on his mountain peak, welcoming us.

The next morning I am on Ipanema beach. I am living the dream. Is this the most beautiful beach in the world? Two miles of clean sand. The iconic…