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When you have a group of young men outnumbering the women you are in for trouble. And when you have hugely different cultural perceptions and expectations you are in for more trouble. Add alcohol and you have got a rampage. What to do? Education education education.
 In Western society women are equal and free, free to dress how they choose, free to go out and have fun, free to walk the streets in safety. What happens to men whose religion and culture only allow sex in marriage, when they live alongside liberated women? An explosion of testosterone, violence and assault at a time of celebration. Why should indigenous potential victims change their normal behaviour? How can we best help confused and alienated young men? Prison is not the answer but what would be an appropriate way to educate them without being patronising? As a group they may be threatening but as individuals each one has a personal and often sad history. They are not sex-crazed monsters.
So what are the long-term sol…