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I come through the long Lincoln Tunnel on the bus from Newark Airport and I find myself on 42nd Street in the heart of Manhattan. It's raining, cars are hooting, taxis are weaving,
crowds are hurrying, people are shouting, billboards are flashing, the air is buzzing, adrenalin is flowing and I am flung into it and inhaling it with the rain and loving it. My kind of big city, bring it on.

There is an uncertain kind of queue for taxis but nobody is doing much. Taxis hurtle up in any kind of order or rather disorder. Think like a New Yorker: I stand in the rain in the street my arm raised. I am spotted and throw myself into the iconic yellow cab before anyone in the queue can complain. All the taxis have video screens in the back with ads and loops of bland daytime chat shows. Fixed to the divided screen is a credit card swipe. The drivers are all silent and surly.

My destination is a narrow street in the Lower East Side, a bit like Shoreditch or Hackney, hipsters with beards in bla…