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The reality of true sado-masochism is not a bit of BDSM fun and games in the bedroom, it is the horrific brutality of violence and rape and the complex psychology of both victim and perpetrator.
Isabelle Huppert gives a searing but subtle performance in "Elle", controlled yet erotic. This is a film about unsatisfied desires and fantasies that actually get played out in the context of smart Parisienne bourgeoisie.  Huppert's character is the victim of horrific violent child abuse from her psychotic serial killer father and lives with the consequences. The interplay between her and her attacker is disturbingly ambiguous, subversive and transgressive. She has been there before.
Is this in any way a feminist film? The men are all weak or violent or both. She is a manipulative cool survivor who gets her revenge.

PS Not for the faint-hearted!